How Disposable Masks Impact The Environment And What You Can Do About It

Want to better avoid the new, more infectious strains of coronavirus raging across the United States? Cinch tight or double up on your face mask. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said as much when it announced updated guidance earlier this month. While any mask is better than none, according to Dr. John T….

The Circular Shoe: An Impossible Challenge?

For a growing number of footwear brands, embracing recycled materials is no longer enough. To be truly circular, they say, a shoe must be recyclable into a new one. But the concept has proven elusive — perhaps more so than with clothing. Much of this has to do with the way shoes are typically designed….

Trump Mob Merchandise Doesn’t End With ‘Camp Auschwitz’

“They’ve gone from dressing like beds to dressing like billboards,” New York illustrator and comics artist Mirko Ilić said, a hint of glee in his voice. It’s an old joke of his about how you differentiate the racists of old from the racists of today, he told me. Your grandfather’s Klu Klux Klansmen might have…

Online Shopping Has Boomed in the Pandemic. But What About All the Packaging?

At a Cost Plus World Market in Oakland, California, masked shoppers are filing in with their holiday near-misses. They’re not just bringing back Ikat dinnerware and burlap wall art that didn’t quite hit the gifting mark, however. The Happy Returns “bar” within accepts unwanted items from digitally native brands like Eloquii, Everlane, and Rothy’s, which…