Behind One Gap Alum’s Quest to Build a Circular, Sustainable Travel Wear Brand

Sourcing Journal

Patrick Robinson was fed up.

After his unceremonious dismissal from from Gap in 2011, the veteran designer was ready for some soul searching. He left New York to backpack across national parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone, where his commune with nature only amplified the disconnect between his personal life and professional one.

“I’ve always lived in a very value-oriented way: I drove the right car, I ate the right way, I had a garden and kept chickens and bees,” Robinson told Sourcing Journal. “But when I looked back at my fashion career, I saw all of the pollution, water waste and social impact I was responsible for around the world.”

But the Giorgio Armani and Perry Ellis alum also had a revelation. What could his career look like if it aligned with his ethos? Shortly after, Paskho—a “wholly different” kind of clothing line—was born.

Robinson named Paskho after the Greek word for “passion” for a reason. He wanted the clothing to inspire travel in “magical places,” from the saw-toothed cliffs of the Himalayas to the upscale avenues of Paris. Designed for both men and women, the tops, bottoms and jackets are “meant for adventure as much as they are the office” and everything in between.

“You can climb a mountain in some of our clothes, but none of it looks that way,” Robinson said. “There are certain brands and they’re super comfortable, but you look like a backpacker getting on a plane. With our clothes, you just look modern and cool.”

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