Inditex, Zara’s Owner, Announces Plan to ‘Close the Loop’ on Fashion


The world’s largest apparel retailer wants to close the loop on fashion. Cribbing a page from H&M’s playbook, Inditex is teaming up with Lenzing, the Austrian textile manufacturer behind plant-based manmade fabrics such as Tencel, to commit to the “circular economy” model in all phases of its production.

Speaking at the Spanish firm’s annual general meeting on Tuesday, Pablo Isla, Inditex’s chairman and chief executive, outlined several new initiatives as part of the company’s 2016-2020 Environmental Strategy Plan. Among them is the development of Inditex’s collection, reuse, and recycling program for end-of-life garments. Come September, Zara, Inditex’s flagship brand, will pilot a free clothing-collection scheme for online deliveries in Madrid, with an eye on an eventual Spain-wide rollout.

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