Responsible Sourcing Gets Buttoned up With Sustainable Findings

Sourcing Journal

Fabric. Fabric. Fabric. If textiles are the Marcia Brady of the garment industry, then buttons, zippers, fasteners, and trims are the Jan.

They may not be sexy, but they’re certainly indispensable. Divested of zippers, coats would be ineffectual buffers against the cold. Without buttons, pants would puddle on the floor. If hooks and eyes suddenly vanished overnight, we’d have to contend with a lifetime of stretch knits we must shimmy over our heads.

Even in the sustainable sector, where provenance is king, findings and notions are rarely spoken of in the same rapt tones as, say, cruelty-free organic silk or regenerated fishnet nylon. Notions offer few of the same tactile delights, nor do they typically make for compelling spiels.

But times, as they say, may be a-changing.

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