Why Pangaia Doesn’t Believe in Hogging Breakthrough Materials

Sourcing Journal

For Pangaia, a London-based startup that combines street-style elan with tree-hugging sensibilities, materials play a starring rather than supporting role.

It’s part of its philosophy of “high-tech naturalism,” taking materials abundantly found in nature and augmenting them with science and technology to solve the apparel industry’s most pressing social and environmental problems, such as animal welfare, waste and pollution.

Earlier this month, Pangaia launched a slightly rejiggered and expanded iteration of Flwrdwn (pronounced “flower down”), a bio-based insulated fiber, derived in part from wildflowers, that it describes as a “plant-powered” alternative to traditional goose down and synthetic fill made from fossil fuels. Clad in recycled nylon, the broadened collection includes a puffer jacket, a puffer coat, a puffer beanie, a puffer scarf and puffer slippers in colors with names like hibiscus red, orchid purple and jade green.

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